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Get instant freight rates

Completely free of charge search engine and a booking portal for European road freights. Get prices instantly and book your freights. Make full use of FreightOpt contract prices!


Best price of the day

Request a freight quote, and FreightOpt compares the options for you and ensures you get the best price for your shipment.


Cost reductions with comparing

Manage your annual contracts and optimise your freight choices in seconds.


Comprehensive freight management with one system – FreightOpt is a system for shippers and service providers. The system is browser-based and requires zero installation.

 Savings achieved with transparency and automation enable international competitiveness.

One platform,


Having several options increases the security of your supply chain and ensures you can meet your customers’ needs.

Having several options increases the security of your supply chain and ensures you can meet your customers’ needs.


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Request quotes and book

FreightOpt supports all modes of transport and features an extensive service provider network.

Your RFQ will reach the service providers whose services best suit your transportation need.

Request for a freight quote. The system compares the quotes automatically – just select the best one!

Manage the entire process

FreightOpt allows you to share all necessary shipping documents and other information directly within the system.

Use the Chat-function to easily discuss with the service providers.

Analyse your data

You can always view your request history and compare shipping options.

FreightOpt also produces analytics on your past shipping choices.

Modes of transport

Stop using obsolete methods to find the best transport option and order shipments. FreightOpt covers road, rail, ocean and air freight, both for export and import.


Niklas Björk

+358 50 522 7116 niklas.bjork@freightopt.com

Niko Saastamoinen

+358 400 515 386 niko.saastamoinen@freightopt.com

Reduce costs

With FreightOpt, shipping is always available at the current market rate.

Save time

FreightOpt’s automation reduces manual labour and allows you to use up to 80 % less time on comparing quotes and booking.

One platform

Find the best service providers for road, rail, ocean and air freight – all in one system!


Spot freight is a shipment ordered outside of a company’s regular shipping operations. Spot freight is often urgent, and project-like and case-specific in nature, and not ordered under shipping contracts.

Increase the security and efficiency of your supply chain with automation. FreightOpt gives you access to the services of over 50 global service providers.

Register today and start your free trial with no commitments required!

Key features

Request for quotes

Just input your shipping information and with few clicks your RFQ reaches the most suitable service providers. Easy and efficient! All RFQs can be found in the same view.

Book shipments

A one-click order process for all shipment types in one system.

Contact and discuss

Chat with service providers with the integrated chat function.

Analyse your data

The system collects data on your logistics performance, and you can always view your past orders.

Get prices immediately

Your annual contracts are stored in the system, and your prices are updated when necessary.

Automatic comparisons

Enter the shipping information in the system and FreightOpt provides you with the best shipping options available. You can book the shipment directly.

Results with optimisation

Shipment optimising results in clear savings. Optimisation also makes your company’s operations more efficient.


FreightOpt TMS in an easy choice for businesses with regular shipment needs from or to the same destinations. FreightOpt TMS compares quotes for you and makes freight procurement more automatic.

The tool is particularly suitable for companies operating mainly with annual contracts. Contracts are updated in the system if their prices change.

Contact us for a free demo! A free trial period is available for FreightOpt TMS that requires no commitment.

Send more quotes, get more assignments, increase your sales. FreightOpt increases your company’s visibility by bringing your services more easily available to our customers.

The system notifies you on new open RFQs according to your settings.

The system notifies you on new open RFQs according to your settings. 

System sends assignments TO SERVICE PROVIDERS

FreightOpt helps you find the most interesting shipments and allows you to send quotes quickly and efficiently.

The system automation helps monitor your placement in RFQs and notifies you on new open RFQs immediately.

Why FreightOpt?

We feel shippers and service providers should equally benefit from the improvements technology brings to logistics.

Our customer base comprises of import and export companies engaged in international trade.

Our service provider network includes international forwarding and shipping companies. We provide equal opportunities to all operators to increase their business with FreightOpt.


What happens if our current customer starts using FreightOpt?

Your current customer switching to FreightOpt means that your company can provide even better services to the customer by making full use of FreightOpt’s functions. The system also provides you with useful data for developing and monitoring your business.

What information is provided to service providers on their placement in requests for quotes?

The customer that opens the request for quotations defines a deadline for the RFQ, until which service providers can send in their quotes. Once you have submitted your quote, the system will show you your placement in relation to other service providers who have provided a quote for the same RFQ. You are then able to change your quote until the deadline is exceeded.

Do I have to install something to use FreightOpt?

No installation needed. FreightOpt is a browser-based platform, which makes it easy to implement.

How long does it take until my registration is complete?

Creating and activating your user account only takes us a moment, so it can be done practically instantaneously.

What information do I need to enter into the system when I submit a quote?

The price and the estimated time of delivery. The price can be entered as a lump sum, or the costs can be provided as itemised. In addition, you can attach documents or your internal reference for the shipment.

What information can the customers access on our company in the system?

When you submit a quote for a RFQ, the customer who published the RFQ can access your company name, the contact details you provided (email and phone number) and the information on the quote itself as well as any uploaded documents.

Can I contact the customer through the system?

The system includes an integrated chat function that can be used to ask questions from and discuss with the customer. Customers also reply to questions directly in the system. Service providers are kept anonymous to each other in the chat function as well. The customer’s contact details can be viewed after you submit a quote.

What kinds of service providers are using your system?

Our service provider network comprises some of the largest forwarding and shipping companies. If the service provider your company uses is not included, it can be easily added.

How do I order shipments from the system?

Booking a shipment takes just one click. Select the best quote for you from the list of automatically compared quotes and click on the Order button. The service provider receives a notification on your order and will contact you via email or phone.

How are notifications on new RFQs sent?

Notifications on new RFQs are sent directly via email. The email message includes a link that you can click to view the new RFQs directly in the system. Notification settings can be customised in the Settings section.

How can I access the service provider’s contact details if necessary?

You can view the service provider’s contact details in the system by clicking on the RFQ. You can also chat with service providers with the integrated chat function.

How do I post requests for quotations?

For posting an RFQ, you need the same information on the shipment that you would include in an email you send to ask for a quote. Information on the sender and the receiver must be provided for each RFQ, but they can be saved to be used again. In addition to the address details, you need to provide the relevant shipping information and any possible additional information. You can also upload documents to provide more information to service providers.

How can I view my previous RFQs?

All RFQs are stored in the system’s Request History section. In this section, you can view all your past shipments and inspect different types of data collected on your shipments. You can also print out a report from the system.

How much does it cost to use the system?

We have several package prices available for the system. Pricing depends on the extent of use and what modules you need activated. Contact us and we will provide you with a quotation on a package deal tailored to your business’s needs.