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Frequently asked questions

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How to get started?

How much does it cost to use the system?

It’s free of charge. You can search, book and track your European road freights directly from our platform. FreightOpt compares the final prices for you, no hidden fees.

What company details do I need to fill in?

General company and contact information. We are browser-based, no installation needed.

How do I book shipments in the system?

Just enter the shipping needs, choose a forwarder and finalize the booking by filling the pickup and delivery instructions. Your shipment is on its way!

Good to know

Who is this platform meant for?

If you have European road freights, it’s meant for you. Whether you have imports or exports you can find competitive prices in our search engine.

What kind of service providers can be found in the system?

We have chosen the biggest and the most trusted service providers to our system. You can find names such as DHL Freight or DSV Road in our system among other big names in the industry.

What modes of transport does this platform support?

Our free of charge search engine and instant booking portal supports European road freights. With a small license fee, you can also request sea and air freight quotes. Use our network to your advantage!

Getting into details

How are tracking notifications updated?

If the carrier supports tracking, tracking notifications are updated directly to the system. Just open the bookings tab and you can see the status of your shipment immediately. Tracking is automatic, so you don’t need to fill in your tracking numbers anywhere.

How can I access the service provider’s contact details if necessary?

If you make a spot request, you can chat with the service provider in the system. Open the request and send messages directly.

How can I view my previous RFQs?

Booking history is available for you in the system and you can use the previously saved pickup and delivery locations in your bookings. It’s very simple; with pre saved information, booking is finalized in seconds.

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